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Channel Title : El espectacular de Los números

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Channel Title : Djuma Private Game Reserve

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Published Date : 2019-07-16T21:50:36.000Z

This camera watches over Gowrie dam on Djuma Game Reserve, in the Sabi Sand Wildtuin, South Africa. In fact this is the oldest waterhole cam in Africa and the world. It’s been broadcasting LIVE from this spot since 1998. With some luck you will see big cats coming for a drink o even on a kill close by. You can also expect to see a lot of impala (light brown antelope), waterbuck (white circle on rump), nyala (males have yellow legs and females have white stripes on flanks) and many other types of mammals, birds and reptiles. The camera is remotely controlled by a volunteer corps of people around the world known as ‘zoomies’. They log into the camera according to a schedule in shifts, and pan, tilt and zoom in search of animals. They also Tweet sightings @WildEarth Djuma was started almost twenty years ago as a safari, lodge by the Moolman family, and is renowned for the quality of its game safaris.

Channel Title : Supra

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💰USE CODE 'SUPRA' FOR 30% OFF! http://gfuel.ly/2GBf1U7 👍Make sure to LIKE the stream if you’re enjoying!! Can we hit 300 LIKES?!💞 Become a Member!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT3TCzqkj1x8Jwt-NZhdmfg/join Support the stream!: https://streamlabs.com/suprastreams/v2/tip 👕: https://www.teepublic.com/stores/supra?ref_id=9653 🐦: https://twitter.com/supralugia 📷: https://instagram.com/isuprah ☎️: https://discord.gg/nRmkwFc 🎮: https://twitch.tv/suprastreams We're here with the next stream of our LIVE Pokémon Y Extreme Randomizer Nuzlocke! Make sure you drop a like and subscribe to stay updated with the playthrough! CATCH UP WITH THE SERIES!: http://bit.ly/SupraYExtreme This ENTIRE series will be streamed on YouTube, then uploaded afterwards as a video. •Nuzlocke Rules: ►You must nickname all Pokemon that are caught ►You can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter on a new route or area ►If a Pokemon faints, it is considered deceased, and cannot be used again ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ •Check out all the current projects! ►Insurgence Randomizer: http://bit.ly/SupraInsurgence ►LIVE Y Extreme Randomizer: http://bit.ly/SupraYExtreme ►Black & White Cagelocke: http://bit.ly/SupraBWCagelocke #Randomizer #Nuzlocke #PokemonXY

Channel Title : Croton MEGA HIT 克頓傳媒2019史詩傑作

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《親愛的,熱愛的》是根據墨寶非寶小說《蜜汁燉魷魚》改編,由華策克頓旗下上海劇酷文化傳播有限公司出品,以電競為主題的熱血夢想青春愛情劇。原著小說作者墨寶非寶擔綱編劇,由楊紫、李現、李鴻其、李澤鋒等主演,胡一天特別出演。 這是一個英雄歸來重拾夢想、友誼的勵志故事;一個高智商女學霸倒追熱血男青年的甜萌愛情故事。深夜,韓商言推門走入了一家小網吧,此時,計算機女學霸、在讀研究生佟年正在幫表弟看管網吧。陽光單純的的佟年對韓商言一見鍾情,並隨著接觸機會的增多,佟年被韓商言對夢想的執著、對團隊年輕人的責任感深深吸引。韓商言因為心懷夢想要帶領團隊為中國取得世界冠軍,故而多年來一直心無旁騖專心致志帶團隊、打比賽。佟年對韓商言的體貼、理解和支持、包容,令不善言辭和情感表達的韓商言逐漸對往日兄弟和家人敞開心扉,取得理解。同時,在韓商言的激勵下,佟年重新加入校隊,參加ACM世界編程大賽。世界賽場響起國歌,國旗飄揚,是韓商言和佟年的共同夢想。不管是過去,還是現在,都從未改變。冠軍夢,還在繼續…… This is a sweet love story about how a straight-A girl student with high IQ pursues a former prince charming as well as an inspirational story about a hero who comes back to regain dream and friendship. Late at night, Han Shangyan pushed the door and walked into a small Internet café that Tong Nian, a computer wizard and graduate student, watched over for her cousin. The pure and open-minded Tong Nian fell in love with Han Shangyan at first sight. As they met each other more often, Tong Nian became attracted to Han Shangyan’s perseverance towards his dream and sense of responsibility towards his team members. In order to win a world championship for China, Han Shangyan had been dedicating himself to his team and competitions for years. Under the influence of Tong Nian’s support and understanding, Han Shangyan gradually opened his heart to his old fellows and family members and came to an understanding with them. Inspired by Han, Tong rejoined the school team and participated in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. Both Tong and Han engage in the journeys for champions and demonstrate extraordinary talents in different fields.

Channel Title : FWFOriginals

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Rohit (22) lives with his step mother Kavya (35) and his father mostly lived in abroad due to his business and visited them once in a while. One day Rohit's best friend Varun (23) comes to his house and meets his step mother Kavya for the first time. Kavya gets attracted towards Varun and convinces him to keep a secret relationship with her. Will Rohit know about their reality...? If yes, then what will happen....? Find out in the episode. Flowing Water Films Present #Gunah #FriendsMom #FullEpisode08 #FWFOriginals Flowing Water Films Present : Gunah Episode Title : Friend's Mom Language : Hindi (With English Subtitles) Featuring: Ujjwal Chopra, Tanu Vidyarthi, Mausam Dubey, Inam Ul Haq. DOP: Ankush R Gupta Story, Screenplay & Dialogue: Harvinder Hari Editor: Sunny Kapoor Background Score : Shekhar Sehgal Accounts: Kapil Kesarwani Marketing, Media & Publishing: Flowing Water Films Digital Marketing Team: Pankaj Khurpe, Rahul Singh, Swapnil Mokalkar, Manjusha Shinde, Amol Maind, Ankush Kumar Maurya,Tejash Ganesh Gurav. Directed By: Krishna Sharma Produced By: Sanjeev Kumar & Vipin Kumar Chaudhary :::::: Copyrights @ Flowing Water Films :::::: ___ Enjoy & stay connected with us! ► Subscribe to FWFOriginals: http://bit.ly/FWFOriginalsYouTube ► Like us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/FWFOriginalsFacebook

Channel Title : HUM TV

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Watch Episode #08 of Drama Serial Sammi. Sammi centers social issues on the rural society revolving around the concept of Vanni, the series shows moral lessons against common issues such as gender discrimination. Depicting the Vanni concept storyline revolves around the journey of Sammi, a young girl who was sold off by her family to the Chaudhry family where her brother had killed her fiancé. Simultaneously it revolves around reality based issues with different characters within the same plot. Starring: Mawra Hocane as Sammi Jutt Sania Saeed as Chandi(dead) Adnan Siddiqui as Rashid Rehan Sheikh as Chaudhry Rab Nawaz Raja Saman Ansari as Salima Bilal Khan as Aaliyan Nadia Afgan as Naheed Ahad Raza Mir as Salar(Dead) Seemi Raheel as Zarina Madiha Rizvi as Zulekha Chaudhry Haris Waheed as Waqas Jutt Irfan Khoosat as Riaz Jutt Humera Ali as Nargis Jutt Noor-ul-Hassan as Fazal-ud-din Jamaluddin (Ba Fazal) Kinza Malik as Bilquis Beena Chaudhry as Naheed's sister-in-law Malik Raza as Naheed's brother #HUMTV #Drama #Sammi Directed By Saife Hassan Written By Noor ul Huda Shah Produced By Momina Duraid http://www.hum.tv/ https://www.instagram.com/humtvpakist... https://www.facebook.com/humtvpakistan https://twitter.com/Humtvnetwork https://www.youtube.com/user/HumNetwork https://www.youtube.com/user/HUMTVOST https://www.youtube.com/user/HumAwards https://www.youtube.com/user/MasalaTV... https://www.youtube.com/user/HUMTVJPJ https://www.youtube.com/user/HumTvTelefilm


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